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Scandale thermoelectric power plant

Scandale thermoelectric power plant, managed by Ergosud S.p.A. (a joint venture of the EPH Group and A2A gencogas S.p.A.), is located in the area of the Municipality of Scandale (KR) in the Ionic side of the central-eastern part of Calabria.

The plant, in commercial operation since 2010, is the latest generation energy infrastructure which adopts highly efficient and an environmentally friendly technology.
It has a total net installed capacity of 814 MW and a net yield of around 56% and consists of two CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbines) units with a power of 407 MW each.
In each unit there is a gas turbine and a steam turbine with the related electricity generators.

Through its own 6-km gas pipeline, the plant is powered from the national grid and is connected to the adjacent high voltage Terna station with a buried electric cable of lenght of about 100 m.

Environment, health and safety’s protection

Scandale power plant was conceived and designed to reduce as far as possible the impact on the environment, minimising the production of atmospheric emissions and waste products.

The plant is, in fact, equipped with a system that allows the recovery of all the water coming from the waste process including part of the rainwater, limiting as far as possible the drawing of water from the local area.

In close cooperation with ARPA Calabria, the power plant has installed a detection network for monitoring the air quality in the municipality of Scandale and in its neighbours, whose data can be accessed publicly in real time. In addition, since 2017 unit 1 is equipped with a abatement CO’s Catalyst.


Type of plant
Combined cycle thermoelectric power plant

Net installed capacity
814 MW

7,8 hectares

EMAS IT 001609, ISO 14001 (Environment)
ISO 45001 (Safety)

S.S. 107 bis – dir. Papanice loc. S. Domenica, 88831 Scandale (KR)