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We are part of EPH (Energetický a průmyslový holding), Europe’s largest privately owned energy group, a leader in the energy transition to zero- or low-emission

With six thermal power plants and a capacity of about 4.4 GW, we provide energy to our country. In 2023, our plants generated about 13 TWh of power, confirming us as the 5th largest electricity producer in Italy.

Our people and plants are essential to support the energy transition and ensure continuous energy supply.
Our people are committed to work with passion and skills. Our efficient, high-performing plants are operated to the highest environmental, safety and reliability standards that ensure the annual energy needs for more than 5.5 million Italian households.

All our facilities have achieved and retained EMAS environmental registration, the environmental certification and Occupational Health and Safety certification over time. When we talk about Safety, Environment and Health, #abbicura (#TakeCare)is our motto.

In order to improve and make our plants more and more efficient and high-performing, we are investing between 2022 and 2027 about €1 billion, of which €260 million has already been deployed during 2022.

Two new CCGT units of about 880 MW and 800 MW each are under construction in Tavazzano and Montanaso (LO) and Ostiglia (MN) respectively: these are state-of-the-art plants with H-class technology, at the forefront of environmental performance and efficiency.

In addition, to provide Fiume Santo plant with a sustainable future after the coal phase-out, we are planning solutions worth up to €1 billion and about 1 GW capacity of renewable and circular energy (photovoltaics, batteries, hydrogen, biomass) and low-impact (natural gas) power.

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