Energy for the future

With six thermoelectric power plants and a capacity of approximately 4.4 GW, we ensure the annual energy needs of about 5 million Italian households.
Efficiency, flexibility and programmability of our plants are the key features that allow us to contribute to the country’s energy security by ensuring non-stop energy supply, integrating renewable sources and contributing to the decarbonization of the Italian energy industry.

We continue to invest in new technologies and process improvements: we have invested €260 million in 2022, and another €700 million by 2027 to further enhance and make our production sites more and more efficient and reduce their environmental impact.
Our projects will enable us to progress on the path to a sustainable energy transition:

Thanks to the two new units under construction at the power plants in Tavazzano and Montanaso (LO) and Ostiglia (MN), in Lombardy, scheduled to be commissioned in 2024 and 2025 respectively, the total installed capacity in Italy will reach 6 GW. These projects feature improved levels of efficiency and reduced emissions.

With the project Fiume Santo Energy Park we want to provide the Fiume Santo (SS) site with a sustainable future after the coal phase-out, thanks to possible investments estimated at up to 1 billion euros and a mix of sustainable solutions for a total capacity of about 1 GW: renewable and circular energy (photovoltaic, batteries, hydrogen, biomass) and low-impact (natural gas).

Tavazzano and Montanaso


Fiume Santo Energy Park