EP Produzione operates in Italy through various subsidiaries and investee companies:

EP Produzione S.p.A.

Italian holding company, 100% owned by EP Power Europe, owns the gas-fired plants of Ostiglia (MN) and Trapani (TP).

EP Centrale Tavazzano Montanaso S.p.A.

100% owned by EP Produzione, owns Tavazzano e Montanaso (LO) power plant.

Fiume Santo S.p.A.

100% owned by EP Produzione, which owns the plant at Fiume Santo (SS).

EP Produzione Centrale Livorno Ferraris S.p.A.

Joint venture between EP Produzione (75%) and BKW Italia (25%), which owns the gas-fired plant at Livorno Ferraris (VC).

Ergosud S.p.A.

50/50 joint venture with A2A, which owns the plant at Scandale (KR); EPH’s stake is held directly by EP Power Europe.

EP Centrale Ostiglia S.p.A.

Controllata al 100% da EP Produzione, che possiede la Centrale di Ostiglia (MN).

EP Energia S.r.l.

100% owned by EP Produzione