EPH Group

EPH Group (Energetický a průmyslový holding) is a leading European energy group that owns and operates assets in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Germany, Italy, the UK, Ireland, France and Switzerland. EPH is a vertically integrated energy utility covering the complete value chain ranging from highly efficient cogeneration, power and heat generation, natural gas transmission, gas storage, as well as gas, heat and electricity distribution and supply. The scope includes also trading and logistics platforms, gas infrastructure management, and real estate development.

EPH is a monopoly gas distributor in Slovakia and sole power distributor in the region of central Slovakia. It is a market leader in gas and electricity distribution in Slovakia. EPH operates the longest gas transmission route in Europe. t is a leading major operator of district heating infrastructure in the Czech Republic and a market leader in gas storage in the region covering the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria.

EPH comprises of over 70 companies structured in four pillars: EP Infrastructure, EP Power Europe, EP Logistics International and EP Real Estate.

EPH key performance indicators 2021*

Consolidated Sales € 18,9 bn
EBITDA € 2,3 bn
Employees ~22.000
Installed capacity (net) 23,8 GW
Gas transmission capacity 73.7 bcm
Gas distribution 59,2 TWh
Gas storage capacity 64,2 TWh
Power production (net) 104 TW
Power distribution 6,4 TW
*Operating data are presented on a 100% ownership basis and financial indicators are based on IFRS consolidated data.

More information is available at www.epholding.cz/en/.